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SappyFest 8

It’s been my first winter back in Montreal after a decade-long hiatus & and the coldest one in 115 years. I left my tuque at home on purpose yesterday and the offensively pale underbelly of the city blinded me under its cold March light. The early signs of spring are upon us; a mixture of preemptive relief, dogshit and dollar store perfume. Throw in some decaying cigarette butts, half a dozen shorts sightings and some brown lake-sized puddles.

Did some spring cleaning of the hard drive and came across this batch from a dreamy time in Sackville a couple of summers ago. I can only tell what year it is based on the outfits and the haircuts. By the looks of it, I must have only had my 50mm on me. The camera becomes more portable but the framing becomes uncharacteristically tight. A nice reminder of the colours and lightness of my Maritime times. And how beautiful August feels no matter where you are.

It’ll be a few weeks still before collarbones are exposed & I plan to remain patiently impatient until then.

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P.S. Here are some even older shots (on film!) from SappyFest 6 ❤


Put them together and what do you get?

Andrew Patterson is a man of many hats. The photograph below was published back in May 2012 during the prelude to Halifax’s 5th OBEY CONVENTION.  You are still able to download his Obey Mix // Dual Summer & take in his selection of sounds. If he’s not peddling mixtapes out of a suitcase, driving around in a champagne-coloured mini van, organizing the Open Aire film screenings, drumming (standing up!) with his band Monomyth or (sitting down) with Deep Conditions, he’s probably writing you out a double-sided list of obscure musical recommendations that you’ll end up loving and being a better person for having heard.

Take a peak into his brain with a look at his blog The Mangroves Grow Quiet & pressure him to keep writing.

The above photos were taken with a Pentax K1000 in an alleyway in Sackville, NB & in a well-loved and well-lit backyard on Sarah Street in Halifax, NS.