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Staying Underground

These photographs were taken the last time I laid eyes on Thomas Rapsey, the man behind the ever-expanding Staying Underground empire. I showed up at his house a few hours before he was set to take off across the country and pulled him down the street, milk in hand, to get these portraits made before he emigrated from Atlantic Canada in May 2014. The youngest member of the Rapsey royal family has an undeniably positive presence and his passion for music selection encourages all those who cross his path to take a deeper listen.


Found this photo from the day we met, traveling between Montreal and Halifax in the last days of 2012.



Keys N Krates

This summer I got to see Keys N Krates perform for the first time. I had met Greg (the DJ – in the middle) months earlier in Toronto at a Ukrainian Christmas family feast in the suburbs. I had no idea that the man who spilled all the wine that night possessed the skills and dexterity he does – and was floored when I later listened to the music he makes. It was a treat (and a mindfuck) to watch them perform live. This photo cracks me up – I love the varying degrees of enthusiasm in their smiles. Best of luck boys.


Keys N Krates / Evolve 2013 / photo: katie mckay


Girl Walk // All Day

Girl Walk // All Day is being distributed like an advent calender of dance videos! Every few days they are releasing a new chapter of brilliance.  Full screen that ish, turn it up and wait in squirmy anticipation for more. Don’t worry, there have only been two so far – so you can get caught up to speed in a mere 15 minutes. Let’s all take a moment to give thanks to Kickstarter, enabling dream projects to get funded, one beautiful backer at a time. Tis the season!

masterpiece of pizza

Life is better when you slow it down a little.

via Marishka Rawanski*

* Marishka Radwanski fell into my lap.  She sublet-ed a room in a house I lived in a few years back on Henry Street and we easily fell into a blissful domestic partnership.  She’s since moved back to the big dirty Toronto and is doing good work in the image proliferation department.  Here’s a sneak peek of a photo-book she launched with a friend earlier this year called Witch Water.  I want one for ye olde bathroom pile of treasures.

DJ Cosmo’s Last Night

This is from DJ Cosmo‘s last night at Doin Damage in Halifax.  I owe my 45 collection to this man and can’t sing his praises loud enough.  If you’re in Montreal, go check him out Fridays at Blizzarts.

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