SappyFest 8

It’s been my first winter back in Montreal after a decade-long hiatus & and the coldest one in 115 years. I left my tuque at home on purpose yesterday and the offensively pale underbelly of the city blinded me under its cold March light. The early signs of spring are upon us; a mixture of preemptive relief, dogshit and dollar store perfume. Throw in some decaying cigarette butts, half a dozen shorts sightings and some brown lake-sized puddles.

Did some spring cleaning of the hard drive and came across this batch from a dreamy time in Sackville a couple of summers ago. I can only tell what year it is based on the outfits and the haircuts. By the looks of it, I must have only had my 50mm on me. The camera becomes more portable but the framing becomes uncharacteristically tight. A nice reminder of the colours and lightness of my Maritime times. And how beautiful August feels no matter where you are.

It’ll be a few weeks still before collarbones are exposed & I plan to remain patiently impatient until then.

sappy10sappy23sappy22sappy9sappy17sappy20sappy25sappy1sappy24sappy19sappy5sappy8 sappy3sappy12sappy20sappy11sappy16claresappy6sappy7sappy18sappy21

P.S. Here are some even older shots (on film!) from SappyFest 6 ❤

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