These are my favourite accounts that I began following in 2014. Thank you for sharing!


Beautiful aggregated collection of tiles & shoes.

ihave5 ihave3 ihave2 ihave



Architect’s POV of construction, demolition, composition and the Atlantic coast.

mand9 mand6 mand5 mand3



Bizarre and intriguing. Weird and well-executed.

ren1 ren2 ren3 ren4



Simple and special.

ran1 ran2 ran3 ran4


Things organized neatly. OCD made A-OK.

emily3 emily2  emily5emily1



Illustrated packing lists & adorable sketches.

dash1 dash2 dash3 dash4



Only just found out Stacey Baker is the Associate Photo Editor at New York Times.

stace4 stace3 stace2 stace1


Portraiture in pieces.

ferrey4 ferrey3 ferrey2 ferrey1



hand1 hand2 hand3 hand4


Lots of love,


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