Kate Walchuk

A couple of months ago, I was commissioned to document Kate Walchuk‘s most recent art show ‘Good Shape’ at Seeds Gallery.  It was an exciting foray into the world of art documentation – and an experience I tremendously enjoyed after a near-year of shooting mostly portraits.  It was a challenge to photograph such a variety of pieces – each of them with their own different size and sheen and shine and shape. Documenting other people’s artwork is an exercise I find both pleasurable and peaceful – and something I’d like to do again.

Kate Walchuk is a lovable character who makes art that is truly relatable and straight up FUN! She is one of Halifax’s finest gems who happily lives on the most adorable block in the city in an era apart from everyone else . She (wo)mans the front desk at Lost & Found where she dishes out style advice, motivational speeches and fascinating knowledge of obscure subject matter.  She’s a part-time DJ and an all-time all-star.  She is currently leading the Halifax Free Art School Field Trip Series which is a unique way to learn more about HRM’s special nooks and places of interest – and about how great Kate is.

Kate Smile

Snapshot of Kate at her ‘Good Shape’ Opening

A few of the photos I took are posted on the Visual Arts News website alongside a great podcast that my dear friend Veronica Simmonds made.  Another photograph that I took of Kate’s plates was printed in The Chronicle Herald in April. Good job everybody!





For more of Kate’s great work, go check out katewalchuk.com

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