Beech Street

I started working at Beech Street Preschool as the lunchlady in 2010 – after a life-changing back injury that forced me out of the offices I had become accustomed to in the film & TV post-production houses of my past.  I started working there for a few hours a day – in a lot of pain at all times.  I never wanted to go home at the end of my shift. Years have passed and I’m still stiff – but so much in my life has changed.  Working with children has deepened my understanding of the world, of who I am and what my goals are in life (seriously!).  I’ve also learned that cranky people usually need one of four things; to go the bathroom, an apple juice, a hug and/or a nap.  It’s all pretty simple really.

I made this stop-motion film after my first year there – and today was the last day of school. Enjoy!


One comment

  1. Alison Creba

    Happy Hands happy Hearts. Look at them go!
    Congratulations Katie. What a truly beautiful piece!

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