Light & Dark for Dark

Dark for Dark is comprised of three fine ladies; Rebecca Zolkower, Melanie Stone and Jess Lewis. They’ve got voices of angels, straight up. The photo below was printed in The Coast this week without crediting the photographer, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to publish these photos from our November shoot right here.

Dark For Dark Hairlight

Framed by my favorite tree in the city.

Dark For Dark Tree

In the graveyard.

Dark For Dark Tree 2

Painted rocks at the bottom of the Citadel.

Dark For Dark Citadel

Dark For Dark Rocks

Inside with the pretty dresses and the teeny plants.

Dark For Dark Falkland

Zolkower’s got the soul power.

Dark For Dark

Melanie’s got amazing hair.

Melanie Stone

Jess Lewis in 1973.

Jess Lewis

photos by Katie McKay


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