Put them together and what do you get?

Andrew Patterson is a man of many hats. The photograph below was published back in May 2012 during the prelude to Halifax’s 5th OBEY CONVENTION.  You are still able to download his Obey Mix // Dual Summer & take in his selection of sounds. If he’s not peddling mixtapes out of a suitcase, driving around in a champagne-coloured mini van, organizing the Open Aire film screenings, drumming (standing up!) with his band Monomyth or (sitting down) with Deep Conditions, he’s probably writing you out a double-sided list of obscure musical recommendations that you’ll end up loving and being a better person for having heard.

Take a peak into his brain with a look at his blog The Mangroves Grow Quiet & pressure him to keep writing.

The above photos were taken with a Pentax K1000 in an alleyway in Sackville, NB & in a well-loved and well-lit backyard on Sarah Street in Halifax, NS.


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