smoke signals

I’ve been living in Halifax for five and a half years.  

This December I took a trip to several cities across Canada, with itchy feet and a desire to relocate.  Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal… I spent a confused month imagining myself in other places, living in other spaces, eating alongside different faces.  The quintessential existential question weighed on me heavily: where do I belong?  

And then I came back.  

Upon my return, a friend gave me an ultra-special Christmas gift; Smoke Signals, a collaboration project between HFX-based Carey Jernigan and TO-based Michelle Kay.  The small book is a collection of exchanges between the two, reflecting on their respective locales.  After a month of intense city-based thought-brewing, this handcrafted piece of beauty was the perfect homecoming.

Keep your eyes open and your pen moving, wherever you are.


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