Halifax’s DJ Cosmo

DJ Cosmo is not only the finest DJ Halifax has ever seen, but he’s also the nicest. If you’ve ever seen him rock a party, you’ve definitely seen his smile beaming above the dance floor. It’s clear that he loves what he does. Knowing that the man loves to play an outdoor set, I asked him to DJ the Sarah Street Block Party this past July. He happily obliged. And made our dreams come true.




In the past year, Cosmo won the Halifax DJ Olympics by a landslide (in two categories!), then went on to win the national Redbull 3style competition and was crowned Canada’s most versatile DJ, after beating out 80 contenders across the country.

Top-knotch Cosmo promo video by Charles Jannasch.

His first album, the one he’s been perfecting for years, is finally coming out this fall. There have been no details released yet about an album launch – but we’re waiting as impatiently as possible in the meantime. It’s going to be REAL SOON. And it’s going to be a BIG DEAL. Just you wait and see.


If the meantime, catch him every second Thursday at Tribeca with DJ T-Woo @ Doin’ Damage.




  1. alison

    even though i barely ever knew either you (katie) or cosmo very well, i miss you guys. i miss halifax. i miss dance parties. i miss the whole shebang.

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