quincy jones & bill cosby

This weekend the curb gods smiled upon us.  A box of records and CDs at our footsteps, on the corner of charles and gladstone, full of musical favorites, known and new.  We had to wait for the old man crouched over the free goodness to make his picks before we got ours – and to our bewilderment, he chose the ghostface killah album that both of us wanted.


While Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby are today considered two of the most prominent and accomplished entertainers in America, the 52-episodes of NBC’s “The Bill Cosby Show” (1969 – 1971) were among their first notable television credits and gave both artists a chance to exercise their creative limbs. Jones, as musical director, assembled a crack team of jazz artists to bring his musical vision to fruition: Jimmy Smith, Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Milt Jackson, Herb Ellis, Joe Sample, Ernie Watts, Les McCann and just about every other prominent jazz and funk artist of the era. During the program’s run, Jones essentially left the tape recorder running during numerous informal jams, which included outtakes and several comedic vocal cameos by Cosby. Somehow the tapes ended up in the vault and were forgotten until over 30 years later when Jones was moving into new office space and re-discovered the “lost tapes.”

Now I need to find the New-Mixes.

Not Remixes.


Released in 2004! Including  a Hikky-Burr remix by Mix Master Mike.

Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby, New Mixes, Vol. 1


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